There Is No Gift As Timeless As Art
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There Is No Gift As Timeless As Art

There Is No Gift As Timeless As Art

The holidays may be far off but it’s never to early start planning the perfect gift for a friend or loved one (especially when birthdays are involved). However, instead of scouring the Internet for gift guides or ducking into a department store, consider giving a gift that comes from the heart, is as thoughtful as it is inspiring, and that can be appreciated for years to come: art.

“I believe art makes a timeless gift,” says artist and muralist Grahame Menage. “When you give art, you get the chance to explain a bit about the artist and why you thought they [the recipient] would love this work. It’s the thoughtfulness that counts.”

While the concept of gifting art may not be one you’re likely to see on a holiday gift guide, it’s certainly something Grahame has encountered time and again throughout his artistic career. Interestingly enough, the most common occasion for gifting art tends to be no particular occasion at all.

“My clients would have had a desire to capture a particular moment in time, a slice of life encapsulating a small period of joy. (I think that only an exceptional photographer or writer can touch on this),” he explains. “A few years ago, I was asked to paint a client's boyfriend fishing in his favorite Montana stream, incorporating the hues of the mountain and landscape. The man was also accompanied by his faithful hounds frolicking in the water. This was a time of happiness, which I think I successfully nailed.”

It’s also a memory that would have meant a lot to the client – enough to inspire a desire to have it immortalized. So next time you're struggling for an idea to share your appreciation of somebody or some memory, consider capturing it as art. It’s not likely to be a gift anybody will soon forget.