The double action sprayer is a powerful sprayer, ideal for distressing film sets.

solo-sprayerTo use just drop the hose into the bucket of liquid and operate the spray like a bike pump.


  • Solid brass pump
  • Adjustable nozzle giving a variation between jet and very fine spray
  • 8" brass extension lance for work above normal height
  • Brass angle bend for reaching the underneath of leaves branches etc
  • 10ft plastic suction hose with valve strainer and bucket clip
  • Choice of longer hose lengths.

Used for many decades by the British Film Industry. Now is your turn to own yours in the U.S.  ONLY available from Grahame Menage LLC.


$65.00 + $10 shipping. (2.5 lbs)

For more information, and to order the Solo sprayer, contact Grahame on 678-230-4033 or email him at