"Grahame Menage painted almost every surface in my house--walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinets, and even stair rails--doing everything from tromp l'œil to faux finishing to frescos and cartouches and murals. I love every inch! He is amazingly versatile and talented. I've never seen better work anywhere. He is also a pleasure to work with, happy to do exactly what I wanted and generous with great ideas when I didn't know what I wanted. I can't say enough wonderful things about this fabulous painter who turned my home into a work of art.  Elizabeth Dewberry - author.


"Grahame has been a marvelous help with many projects in both the UK and France. He has worked wonders with fabulous paint effects in houses in which we were the interior designers. He can work with Antique and old materials bringing them to life where time has sometimes damaged them. Grahame can enhance and create an ambiance with subtle techniques. We have known Grahame for about 15 years and will continue to work with him on all our forth coming projects both in the USA and in Europe. Many of the projects that we have worked together on have been published in magazines such as Verenda Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Interiors Magazine , also forthcoming 25 Beautiful Homes."  French Country Living Antiques - Jean and Douglas Hill


 "We could not be happier with your work. It is truly stunning!”  Mathew and Nathalie Bernstein


 "This bedroom was the best I ever did, thanks to you!   Sue Rohrer Interior Design - Switzerland


"I highly recommend that, if you are to do decorative painting  you use Grahame. He's just the best. He is not only talented but terrific to work with". Rosemary James - Faulkner House Designs, New Orleans


 "Unbelievable & truly beautiful! Covington will be mighty proud of the Cypress Bar - thank you!”   Southern Hotel ~ Covington, Louisiana