Pet portraits: a unique and meaningful gift
Pet portraits: a unique and meaningful gift


Portraiture itself as an art form certainly goes back hundreds of years: from a symbol of status and remembrance, to a token of appreciation and affection, portraiture and the ability to accurately capture the human likeness has remained one of the most sought-after and profitable skills in the art world. But while commissioning a portrait of a loved one is certainly a beautiful and thoughtful gift, many consumers have begun asking to have their favorite pooches immortalized in art rather than their favorite people.

Artist Grahame Menage has embraced the growing trend with gusto. “To most people, their pets are a part of their family and they want a unique record of the animal’s spirit and character,” he says.

A fan of pet portraiture himself, Grahame employs his own unique artistic approach when capturing a pooch’s likeness.

“I think about value first, rather than line. Value refers to the light and dark areas in a subject—the highlights and the shadows,” he says. “I think about the whole image, keeping true to my original inspiration, always keeping at the back of my mind any comments made by the owner.”

Grahame says his favorite part about the process is the emotional experience. “From the moment I receive a commission to delivering the completed work or art, it’s a rollercoaster of excitement. There is nothing better than hearing gasps of awe from a satisfied client,” he says. “Somewhere in between, I allow myself to be carried away applying color and shadow - all while listening to my favourite BBC radio podcasts,” he adds jokingly.

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