[quotes float="right"]"In the process of personalizing a project for a client," notes Grahame, "it becomes a reflection of their individuality, just as the choices they make in the paintings they buy or the antiques they collect express something about who they are." That way, when they do step inside the work of art I've created for them, they may never want to leave." [/quotes]

They are extraordinary works of art, each designed and crafted to suit individual client tastes, right down to the colors and tints Grahame mixes to match their furnishings and décor.

Check out Grahame's abstract paintings: https://www.facebook.com/grahamemenageart/      https://artdex.com/members/profile/1458 House Of Faux: http://www.houseoffaux.com/2011/02/grahame-menage.html House I decorated in South of France:  http://enfantsdumarais.canalblog.com/archives/2010/10/10/19256693.html